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Most Common Problems

Chimney flashing, skylight leak, boot pipes, hip and ridge, ventilation, blew off shingles, and wall flashing

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Before and after images of the shingles around three skylights being repaired

Skylight Leaks

Contractors advise replacing the skylights when the roof is being replaced. It's 50% less expensive if the homeowner replaces their skylights alongside their roof than replacing them later on. Old skylights come with screws that need to be removed. In most cases, they are rusted and break when they are removed from the old skylight. After many years the seal of the window falls and leaks through, and the flashing is damaged when it is removed. Skylight replacement is cheaper and a better long-term solution.

Chimney Flashing

When the roof is replaced, the chimney flashing must be replaced with 3 layers of water tape: ice water, step flashing, and lead flashing. Some contractors re-use the existing flashing and cover it with a tarp around the chimney. Caulking or tarp after a few years dries, cracks, and leaks through, and some contractors use nails to hold the lead flashing. Over time the nail gets hot and expands the hole, causing a leak. We fix and follow the manufacturer's instructions, and we trained our technicians to deliver the best experience.

Close up of chimney flashing being replaced

Master Roof What to Know

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Boot pipe with rubber around it damaged

Boot Pipe

Roofs after 15-20 years have the rubber around the pipe dry, crack, and leak. It needs maintenance, and you can fix it temporarily or permanently depending on how far you will replace your roof.

Gray roof with the shingles on the ridge with large black spots

Hip and Ridge
(Worn Out)

Sometimes the hip and ridge are worn out while the shingles still have a few more years. This happens because the sun hits them directly and they are exposed for more time, wearing out faster than the rest of the roof. You notice this when they leak, when they are curling, or when the nails start popping up.

Mold in an attic with insulation on the floor

Mold On Attic

The most common causes are: poor ventilation or none, and the second one is bathroom vents exhausting the attic. This messes with the moisture and condensation, and it causes mold. The first needs to be evaluated to find a solution. In most cases, relocating the bathroom vents on the roof or updating the ventilation systems with soffit and ridge vents when it's possible works.

Gray roof with missing shingles that have been blown off

Blew Shingles

This is typical when we get a storm. It happens when shingles are old (more than 15-20 years), and the adhesive seals can no longer join the shingles. If the wind hits them the shingles blow off, and when the shingles are new it happens because the nails are out of the nailing zone or the roof decking has big gaps between the planks. The good news is in most of these cases if you have storm insurance, they will pay for the repair or replacement.

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