Roof Decking Condition

When changing your roof, make sure your contractor inspects the attic and determines if it has a ventilation system and what the condition of the roof decking is, in most cases, you can see from the attic what kind of decking it has, plywood, board, etc.

If the house was built more than 30 years ago, the safest thing is that it has boards and in most cases these boards are rotten, broken, broken and the worst are gaps. These are not good conditions to put a new roof, imagine if the nails that hold the shingles match in the gaps or in the rotten part the shingles easily detach with a strong wind. The roof is often changed recently and the shingles are falling off.

In any of these cases you should change the roof decking either replacing the sections you require if it is not much or putting new plywood over the old decking, make sure the nails that hold the plywood berry fastened in the rafters.
Sometimes the real conditions can not be determined from the attic and we have to wait until the roof is removed.


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